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Watch video of Aligator entering house in Florida

Such sightings could grow more common as Florida's development. Enter City Name. Watch: Alligator creeps through Florida neighborhood. roam in between houses and through lawns in a Land o' Lakes, Florida neighborhood.. In the video, the alligator slowly creeps from the driveway, between.

Woman missing after florida alligator attack. 47-year-old Shizuka Matsuki was last seen walking her dogs near a Ft. Lauderdale lake on Friday. Officials found a human arm inside. Read More 47-year-old Shizuka Matsuki was last seen walking her dogs near a Ft. Lauderdale lake on Friday. Officials found a human arm inside the alligator and.

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A monster-sized alligator has been spotted on a Florida golf course and has been named Chubbs.

The latest in the ongoing saga of You Shouldn’t Live In Florida is this chilling reptilian tale, in which a gigantic fucking alligator casually committed a break-and-enter into someone’s.

Seeing Alligators in Sarasota, Florida. However, various other parks in Florida are also home to a large alligator population. Gators prefer warm conditions, so planning a trip during the insanely hot Florida summer season is probably not your best chance for multiple sightings. In the cooler winter months, you can find them all over the place.

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This is the basis of a bad situation for you, your children and your pets if you are unaware that there is a gator in your yard or even in your house. If you should find yourself in this situation, here are some do it yourself tips to get rid of alligators.

Watch NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on ShareTV. Clip: Video of Giant Alligator On Florida Golf Course Leaves Millions in Awe. Video of Giant Alligator On Florida Golf Course Leaves Millions in Awe.. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be.

Deadly alligator found trying to enter front door of mobile home The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter Friday a Plant City man called 911 on March 27 to report the large gator.

 · A 75-year-old Florida man walking his daughter’s golden retriever near his condominium had his leisurely stroll with a good boy turned into a life and death fight when a gator popped out of a retention pond and locked its jaws on the dog, because that’s just life in Florida.