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wafer lockouts: May 2005

This is a skill used extensively in making keys to cars, file cabinet locks; virtually all wafer and pin tumbler locks and will save you a enormous amount of time and money. # 105 Learn The Locksmith Business and Van setup "Comes on your Flash drive." This course is a must. It is packed with marketing tips and the marketing system I designed.

jhook i use it to protect me from people blaming me for something i didnt do, today i was called on a lockout where a young boy was trying to unlock his car with a screwdriver. he had the screwdriver wedged in the door glass and the weather stripping. i had him pull it out before i even touched the car. could you imagine if i were to pull it out and it poped the glass? what if i didnt make him.

If you find that you have locked yourself out of your car, then you may need a way to open the car door locks without the key. This is an annoying situation for many car owners, particularly in self-locking cars. You may also find that during cold weather, the key could break in the lock. Rather.

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Actually, any automotive lock with a standard double sided wafer mechanism will have 10-12 wafers (each with a possible 4 depths). Because the tolerances are so sloppy, this tool will open any configuration with ease. I’m not sure why each pick is a different shape, but I’d imagine it’s to accomodate for the most common bitting patterns.

The Wafer Tumbler Lock is a type of lock that uses a set of flat wafers to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The wafer Tumbler locks operation is similar to the pin tumbler lock except for the Wafer lock has only a single piece (wafer) instead of stacked pins. excitation Camelot: manicuring wait

5) I tried 2 ways to file the wafers down.Filing down the brass wafers IN the tumbler or file them down OUT of the tumbler. I found filing out of the tumbler was easier. Here is a photo of a wafer. Try filing to match the shape of the tumbler. Also, you will have to clean up the sides of the wafer as filing will cause some of the metal to.

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