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ability to live, especially under certain conditions: The viability of a fetus outside the womb has increased dramatically with the advent of new technologies and procedures. the capacity to operate or be sustained: The viability of the company was guaranteed by the success of its new product. Examples from the Web for viability.

Bacteria found to block the transmission of mosquito-borne infections show long-term viability as a biocontrol agent. Wolbachia bacteria live inside many insect cells, but not in A. aegypti.

Beyond an ever-earlier point of viability, they’re not happy with ultrasound, which gives an abortion-minded woman or girl a chance to see the one whose existence they are bent on ending. "It’s just, every time there is some kind of development or advancement or discovery, it just reinforces our position," Carol Tobias, president of the.

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Or, perhaps you live a life of intrigue-you’re in the witness protection. long-term stay hotels, such as TownPlace Suites (run by Marriott) or. Not a cheap option, but not horribly expensive for a short time.. hostels aren’ t just where you stay when you’re backpacking abroad-they’re a viable option in.

The noun viability means the quality of being able to happen or having a reasonable chance of success. The viability of holding your party at a restaurant might depend on how many guests they can seat.

“As shifting consumer demographics and market dynamics present challenges across the industry, it is incumbent on us to regularly evaluate our restaurant footprint with a focus on long-term viability.

Viability, as the word has been used in united states constitutional law since Roe v. Wade, is the potential of the fetus to survive outside the uterus after birth, natural or induced, when supported by up-to-date medicine. Fetal viability depends largely on the fetal organ maturity, and environmental conditions.

Another term is a viable baby/fetus. This means that if the baby is born now, s/he has a reasonable chance of survival. For most hospitals in the United States, the age of viability is about 24 weeks (though more recently viability has been considered around 23 weeks). However, being born at 23-24 weeks does not mean that most babies will.