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Homeownership Continues to Fall

Homeownership rate continues to fall in U.S. The percentage of Americans who own homes is 62.9 percent, the same homeownership rate as in 1965. Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

The U.S. homeownership rate fell from 69.2 percent in the second quarter of. Why has the homeownership rate recently declined and will it continue to fall?

Homeownership continues to fall, and younger Americans will push it even lower. Rising home prices, skyrocketing student loan debt, rising mortgage rates and changing life choices-any one factor would affect how and when people make the single largest investment of their lives.

Homeownership rate continues to fall – mtdemocrat.com – Homeownership rate continues to fall By Ken Calhoon The nation’s homeownership rate slipped to its lowest level in 19 years in the first quarter as more households decided to rent. The committee plans to continue to reinvest in U.S. treasuries and mortgage bonds beginning in October.

Home ownership continues to fall as the great australian dream gets more distant for many. The flip side is that home ownership has fallen from 70 per cent of households in 1998 to 66 per cent.

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As homeownership continues to fall, the single family rental market is picking up steam. By Jerry Ellenburg Jerry Ellenburg of ERC Homebuilders

Despite low interest rates and expanding credit availability, homeownership in the U.S. continues to fall, down to a low of 64.7%, a level not seen since 1995. Among the key culprit is home. Price-to-rent ratios are an important housing indicator that can tell you. So, while home prices will continue to rise at a slow and steady pace, the days of.

The US homeownership rate fell to its lowest level in 50 years in the. “Our outlook is that the homeownership rate will continue to sit in its.

Here's why homeownership is on the decline “This is in line with a fall in construction work done, particularly in residential building which is more labour intensive.

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The homeownership rate is the percentage of homes that are occupied by. in her article, the overall homeownership will likely continue to fall.